Event Buy-in Information


Click here for details on how to qualify to this event via PokerStars.

Reserve Your Seat In Advance

If you reserve a seat in advance, you can collect your ticket from a Ticket Collection station at the event from 17:00 the day before a tournament starts, until the end of the late registration period.  Main Event ticket collection is available from January 6.

Please Note: if you do not arrive to collect your ticket and have not informed us of your un-registration BEFORE the start of the tournament, your funds will be added to the prize pool and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Stars Account

COM and EU Stars Account holders can buy into any of the tournaments in the schedule by going to the ’Events’> ‘Live’ tab on the PokerStars client and searching for your chosen event. Buy in using your Stars Account funds like you would any other tournament.  Online registration for Main Event and side Events is open from now until the end of the late registration period.  Please email registrations@pokerstarslive.com for assistance.

Please Note: there are regional restrictions regarding online buy-ins. Please contact our registrations team for more information if you are unsure.

Buy-in Onsite At The Event

Onsite registration for Main Event will be open from 11:00 on January 6 until the end of the late registration period.  For Side Events, registration will be open at 17:00 the day before the tournament, until the end of the late registration period for each tournament. 

Please Note: you are unable to un-register and receive a refund after the tournament start time.

You can buy in onsite using any of the following options by visiting the registrations desk, please note that we cannot accept part payment of one payment type with another.

  • CASH

Simply visit the registrations team with your ID to register. Any questions? Email the registrations team for help with tournament entry options.

Currency Exchange

There will be NO currency exchange service active during the PCA 2018 event. It is your responsibility to ensure that you bring US dollars to use on-site. There are several banks just off property that do offer a limited currency exchange (up to $500 a day maximum).

Credit/debit Card

We do NOT accept credit or debit cards as a means to buy in to tournaments at PCA 2018.

PS Cashier

Please note that the PS Cashier (formerly known as the PS Bank) will NOT be operating at PCA 2018. Players will NO LONGER be able to withdraw funds from their PokerStars Accounts in chips that could be used for cash games etc.

Payout Information

Players have a variety of payout options open to them including cash, wire transfer and deposit to Stars Account. There are restrictions that apply to certain payout options depending on the status of your account, and there are limits to the amount a player can receive in cash. 

You can choose to be credited your winnings by one payment method or by a combination of different payment methods.

  • CASH – A Cash Maximum may apply
  • STARS ACCOUNT – Regional and account status restrictions may apply
  • WIRE TRANSFER – Players must be able to provide full wire instructions to our registrations team.