PokerStars Festival Sochi

Event Buy-in Information


Click here for details on how to qualify to this event via PokerStars.

You will be required to pass additional verification steps in order to receive your buy-in for tournaments. Our Verifications Team will contact you should you qualify with further details.

Cash (RUB) & Credit/Debit Card Onsite

Please note that we cannot accept part payment of one payment type with another.

For more information about what types of credit/debit card are accepted please contact our registrations team.

Currency Exchange

Currency exchange will be processed onsite by the Casino

Wire Transfer To The Casino

Please email our registrations team for more information about this option.

Stars Account and the PSLive Wallet

These options will not be offered.

Payout Information

Players have a variety of payout options open to them including cash, and wire transfer. There are restrictions that apply to certain payouts, and there are limits to the amount a player can receive in cash.

Players have the following payout options available:

  • CASH (RUB)
  • WIRE TRANSFER processed by the casino

Any questions? Please contact our registrations team.