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APPT Buy-ins and Payouts

All players must have a PokerStars Live account to participate in an APPT Manila tournament. If you don’t have one, you can sign-up onsite at the tournament venue with our live events staff at a PokerStars Live sign-up desk. Any questions? Contact us.

APPT Buy-in Options

You can buy-in to upcoming events using the following methods:

Event Cash Chips COM/EU/DE/UK/FR Stars Account Credit Card Debit Card Casino wire transfer
APPT Cambodia X X X X
APPT Manila 2024 X X X X* X*
APPT Manila Championship 2024 X X X X X X

* Credit/Debit Cards won’t be accepted at the Registration desks. Players need to purchase chips at the Casino Cashier and then proceed to the Cash registration desks.

Read on for more details regarding each option.

Cash and chips will be accepted at the registration desk at each event.  

COM/EU PokerStars account holders can buy-in by going to the ‘Events’ > 'Live' lobby in the game client. Online registration will be available from around six weeks before an event, until 24-hours before the same event. Once online registration is no longer available, you must visit the on-site registration desk and use your PokerStars account funds to register until the end of late registration. 

UK/FR account holders must visit the on-site registration desk to use your PokerStars account funds to register until the end of late registration.

Players who wire funds will need to collect them at the casino cage and then proceed to the cash registration desks to register in the tournament.

Please Note: there are regional restrictions regarding online buy-ins. Please contact our Registrations Team if you are unsure.

Casinos may accept credit and debit card payments, either directly for tournament registration, or to purchase chips from the casino cage. Casinos will only accept nominative cards, and there maybe restrictions on what cards are accepted.

Please check each Casino's website for details.

General Information

  • Registration desks will be clearly signposted at each event.
  • Registration desks will open daily, from one hour before the first tournament of a given day starts, until the late registration period for that day's last tournament has ended.*
  • Registration hours for specific tournaments are listed on all tournament schedules.
  • Pre-registered players can collect tournament tickets from registration desks once each tournament's registration has opened. 

*Subject to change. 

Please Note:

  • Unregistration is not permitted after tournament start times, and buy-in funds will be added to the overall prize pool.
  • Buy-ins are only accepted through one payment method. For example, you cannot buy in to a tournament with part cash and part Stars Account.

APPT Payout Options

You can choose to be credited your winnings by one payment method, or by a combination of different payment methods. Here's what options are available at upcoming events:

Event Stars Account Casino Wire Cash
APPT Cambodia 2024 X X X
APPT Manila 2024 X X X
APPT Manila Championship 2024 X X X

By using a PokerStars account to buy in, you agree to a possible maximum cash payout restriction.

Read on for more details regarding each option.

Regional and Stars Account status restrictions may apply. 

Where applicable, casinos will offer wire transfers. Restrictions may apply. For more information, contact us.

PokerStars Live Wallet notice: PokerStars Live Wallet is no longer available as a buy-in option or a payout option. If you still have a balance on your PokerStars Live account, please contact us to make a withdrawal.

A maximum amount may apply.