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PokerStars Festival London

Event Buy-in Information


Click here for details on how to qualify to this event via PokerStars.

Buy-in In Advance Via COM/EU Stars Account

COM/EU players can buy-in to any of the tournaments scheduled by going to the ‘Events’ > ‘Live’ tab on the PokerStars client and searching for your chosen event. Buy-in using your Stars Account funds like you would any other tournament. Online registration for Main Event is available now, online registration for Side Events will be available from around four weeks before the event until end of the late registration period.  Please email for assistance.

Please Note: there are regional restrictions regarding online buy-ins. Please contact our registrations team for more information if you are unsure.

Special Notice To Players

PokerStars.UK users will not able to buy into live events via the PokerStars client going forward. While we would like to be able to allow you to directly buy-in to live events using money in your PokerStars.UK account, we are simply not permitted to offer such a service.

This will only affect you when you are trying to directly buy into live events using funds from your PokerStars.UK account. This has no impact on players who win satellite entries to live events, or players who buy-in using funds that are from outside of their PokerStars accounts.

Please be aware that you are going to need to use alternative mechanisms to buy into future live events, such as wire-transfers, cash and or by using debit cards.

Buy-in Onsite At The Event

Onsite registration will open one hour before a tournament’s start time.

Please Note: you are unable to un-register and receive a refund after the tournament start time.

You can buy-in onsite using any of the following options, please note that we cannot accept part payment of one payment type with another.

  • CASH – GBP
  • DEBIT CARD – UK only
  • STARS ACCOUNT (COM/EU accounts only) – Regional and account status restrictions may apply

You can register at the new cash desk located on the 1st floor. There's a dedicated entrance direct from Leicester Square.

To arrange a bank transfer to the Hippodrome Casino please send an email to

Payout Information

Players’ payout options are cash and deposit to Stars Account (COM/EU players only). There are restrictions that apply to certain payout options depending on the status of your account, and there are limits to the amount a player can receive in cash.

You can choose to be credited your winnings by one payment method or by a combination of different payment methods.

  • CASH – A Cash Maximum may apply
  • BANK TRANSFER – Restrictions may apply
  • STARS ACCOUNT – Regional and account status restrictions may apply
  • WIRE TRANSFER - The Hippodrome will wire out any amount over £5,000 to a national or international bank account.

Currency Exchange

  • Most standard currencies will be accepted and the rate is usually the most competitive that can be found with no commission fee: Euros, Dollars, Krona, CD$ etc.
  • Currency will only be exchanged for tournament buy-ins or gaming, and will be exchanged for plaques. When cashing out the plaques, foreign currency will be returned at the same rate as exchanged.
  • Players may leave funds on deposit for use throughout the event.
  • Players may ask for their currency to be held during the festival in order to exchange back into their local currency at the same rate as exchanged.