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PokerStars Live and PSLive System Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions ("Agreement") should be read by you (the "User", "Player", or "you") in their entirety, together with the PokerStars Live Privacy PolicyTournament Poker Rules and Cash Game Poker Rules, prior to your participation in any live poker tournaments and cash games controlled by us (each a "Tournament") forming part of PokerStars Live events, such as but not limited to "European Poker Tour (EPT)", "Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT)", "Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP)", "PokerStars Players NL Hold'em Championship (PSPC)", and/or "PokerStars MEGASTACK" (each of which shall be referred to as an "Event"). The term Event shall also include your registration on and acceptance by our PSLive System (as defined in Clause 1 below) which is required in order to register and play in any such Event.

By entering into this Agreement, you acknowledge that 'PokerStars Live', 'PSLive', 'EPT', 'APPT', 'BSOP', 'PSPC', 'PokerStars MEGASTACK' and 'PokerStars' are brands owned and operated by a group of companies known as the "Flutter Group". Different Flutter Group companies operate different Events depending on the location where the relevant Event is held. Depending upon the Event in which you participate, you will contract with one of the Flutter Group companies such as Global Poker Tours Limited ("GPTL") or Rational Live Events (Malta) Limited ("Rational Malta") or Rational Live Events Macau Limited ("Rational Macau") or TSG Interactive US Services Limited ("TSG Interactive US") (severally, the "Event Company", "we", "our" or "us"). 

Prior to your participation in any Event, you may be required to agree to and be bound by separate terms and conditions of the casino venue who act as the licence holder and operator of the Event ("Casino Venue Terms and Conditions"). Täpsemat teavet Kasiino toimumiskoha reeglite ja tingimuste kohta edastab kasiino, kus üritus toimub.

Käesolev kokkulepe: (a) is a legally binding agreement between you and the applicable Event Company; (b) constitutes our entire understanding with you with respect to your participation in the relevant Event(s) operated by that Event Company (and your use of the PSLive System), where applicable; and (c) supersedes any prior agreements between you and the applicable Event Company or any other member of the Flutter Group, in connection with the Events.


  1. You will be required to register your details with us in order for you to be permitted to participate in an Event. Meie äranägemisel on kõikidel mängijatel võimalik registreerida kas:

    (a) in person within the venue where the Event is being held; or
    (b) via our PSLive online registration system ("PSLive System") at those Events where the PSLive system is available.

  2. At Events where the PSLive System is used and available, you will receive a registration card when you register for the first time ("PSLive Card"). Kui sa ei ole registreerimisvormi allkirjastanud või su allkirja pole jäädvustatud, kuid paned end kirja ja osaled Üritusel, loetakse see käesolevas kokkuleppes sisalduvate reeglite ja tingimustega nõustumiseks ning pead neid ka järgima.

  3. By using the PSLive System you will need to provide us with certain personal details about yourself for the purpose of registering with and opening an account on the PSLive System ("PSLive Account"). Kinnitad ja tagad, et PSLive'i kontoga seotud andmed on alati õiged ja ajakohased. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how we use such personal data

  4. At Events where the PSLive System is being used:

    (a) you will need your PSLive Card in order to register for an Event, unless you are registering for the first time in which case you will receive a new PSLive Card upon registration as indicated in Clause 2 above.
    (b) following registration for an Event, your allocated Event entry ticket will be reserved by us for you until the start of the Event and/or your collection of your entry ticket.
    (c) if you win a prize amount in a Tournament, you will be asked for your PSLive Card which will be swiped so that the appropriate prize amount can be allocated to you and collected at the venue where the Event is being held. Sulle väljastatakse kviitung, millel on märgitud Turniir, sellel saavutatud koht ja auhinnasumma.
    (d) you may cancel your reserved tickets for a Tournament prior to its commencement:
         (i) by emailing no later than 48 (forty eight) hours prior to the start of the Tournament setting out the following:
             (aa) the subject line, "Tournament Reservation Cancellation – Urgent"
             (bb) Turniiri number, kuhu oled end kirja pannud ja
             (cc) lühike sõnum, milles palud Turniiri broneeringu tühistamist.
    Tühistamistaotlus tuleb alati saata PSLive'i kontole registreeritud e-posti aadressilt.
         (Ii) mine Ürituse toimumiskohas registratuurilauda.
    Pärast turniiri algust lisatakse sinu sisseost auhinnafondi. Siis ei saa sa broneeringut enam tühistada ning sisseostu ei hüvitata ka juhul, kui sa Turniiril ei osale.

  5. You are only permitted to have one PSLive Account.

  6. We reserve the right (and by entering into this Agreement you authorise us) to run such identity checks (or engage third parties acting on our behalf to carry out such checks) on you as we in our absolute discretion deem necessary, including by means of third party credit reference agencies or services, using the information provided by you to us ("Identity Checks").

  7. Following any Identity Checks, we may, at our absolute discretion, refuse you entry to any of the Events, disable your PSLive Account and decline to issue, withdraw or cancel the PSLive Card.

  8. PSLive'i kaardi väljastame meie ja see jääb meie omandisse. Võime selle või PSLive'i süsteemi kasutamist igal ajal piirata või selle kasutusõiguse lõpetada. Muu hulgas võime sinu PSLive'i konto blokeerida või muuta selle kasutustingimusi. Lisaks sellele võime PSLive'i kaardi väljastamisest keelduda, selle tagasi võtta või tühistada, kui meil on põhjust arvata, et:

    (a) have abused or attempted to abuse the use of the PSLive Card, PSLive Account or PSLive System (collectively, the "PSLive Assets"); and/or
    (b) have breached or attempted to breach any term or condition relating to the use of any PSLive Assets or participation in our Tournaments that we become aware of and that we inform you of by way of written notice;
    (c) have engaged in any abusive, offensive, disreputable, or violent behaviour, act or omission, or supplied false or misleading information either in relation to your acceptance, receipt or use of any PSLive Assets, attendance at any Event or participation in any Tournament;
    (d) have materially breached any term or condition of this Agreement;
    (e) have failed any Identity Checks, 'failure' for these purposes meaning where we have reasonable concerns about any matter revealed by such Identity Checks.


  1. The PSLive Card (together with all information contained therein) is not transferable, cannot be copied and may only be used by you for the purposes expressly permitted by us.

  2. We disclaim any and all warranties, expressed or implied, in connection with your access to and use of the PSLive Assets which are provided to you "AS IS". To the extent permitted by applicable law, no warranty or representation whatsoever is given regarding the quality, or fitness for purpose or freedom from defects of the PSLive Assets or that any information supplied to you (whether via the PSLive Assets or otherwise) is complete and accurate. Jätame endale õiguse ükskõik milliste PSLive'i varade osa peatamiseks, lõpetamiseks, muutmiseks, eemaldamiseks või lisamiseks ning seda omal äranägemisel ja ilma teatamiskohustuseta.

  3. The use and safekeeping of the PSLive Card (including any passwords or other security measures relating to the same) remains your responsibility once it has been registered and allocated to you. Me ei vastuta sulle või kolmandatele osapooltele tekkinud kahju eest, mis on põhjustatud PSLive'i kaardi kaitseta jätmisest.


  1. You hereby acknowledge and agree that you are not permitted to be sponsored (either directly or indirectly) into and in relation to any Event by a third party that is an Unauthorised Operator (as defined below) nor are you entitled to wear the branded logos of any Unauthorised Operator. If we determine, in our sole discretion, that you have been sponsored into an Event by an Unauthorised Operator and/or you are wearing a branded logo or logos of an Unauthorised Operator, we are entitled to require that you immediately remove the branded logos and/or to disqualify you from the Event should you fail to do so (or we can instruct the venue and/or the staff at an Event to give effect to our determination). Seadusega lubatud piires loobud sa käesolevaga kõikidest õigustest ja nõuetest, mis sellise tegevusega seoses tekkida võivad.

    An "Unauthorised Operator" shall mean a third party (including, but not limited to online and offline poker operators, poker rooms, sports betting, casino and fantasy sports operators) that  conducts tournaments or special offers which award a free buy-in, registration or packages to or for an Event without authorisation from us.

  1. No player will be permitted to wear at any Event any logo or branding of: (i) any lotteries, betting or gaming operator which is not permitted to legally advertise according to local laws; or (ii) any other logo, picture or message which, in our reasonable opinion is indecent, offensive, controversial or provocative (including politically), discriminatory (whether on grounds of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, disability or otherwise) or promotes violence, intolerance or hatred in any form.

  2. Excluding players seated at tables which are being filmed or recorded (the "TV Table(s)"), players will be allowed to wear approved lottery, betting or gaming operator logos/branding on their shirts provided that the following restrictions (together with the restrictions in Clause 23 below) are observed: 

    (a) One breast pocket logo no larger than 70 square cm; and
    (b) One upper shirt sleeve logo no larger than 70 square cm.

  3. Ühelgi mängija riideesemel ega kehaosal ei tohi Ürituse ajal olla näha teisi logosid ega kaubamärke, mis ei vasta käesolevatele reeglitele.

  4. In jurisdictions where local regulations apply governing the display of logos and branding on players (including but not limited to symbols, trademarks and websites), all players agree to be subject to and comply fully with said regulations and/or the provisions of the Casino Venue Terms and Conditions.

  5. Players will be allowed to wear more than one logo at an Event as long as all additional logos are either approved by us as headline sponsor logos such as "PokerStars" or belong to any one of the Flutter Group companies (e.g. "Betfair", "Sky Bet", "Paddy Power" or "Full Tilt").

  6. You agree to abide by the rules of any promotional event organised at an Event by us or any other entity within the Flutter Group including any requirements to wear a specific logo(s) throughout such promotional event.

  7. Players who are sponsored on a full-time basis by a lawful and reputable (in our reasonable discretion) third party online gaming site (a "Sponsored Player") must seek our written approval prior to the beginning of the Event to wear the logo of their sponsor and must ensure that the logo and branding of their sponsor is worn at the beginning of any Event. Any Sponsored Player who does not wear their sponsor's logo and branding from the beginning of an Event and then tries to subsequently wear the logo at a later stage of that Event will need to provide written proof of their sponsored affiliation prior to such Player being permitted to wear the logo and branding in question. For the avoidance of doubt the "beginning" of an Event shall be defined as the moment all players are first dealt their hole cards ("shuffle up and deal") on the first day of the first Tournament of the Event.

  8. All players who choose to wear the branded logo of an approved gaming operator during the Event as set out in Clause 19 above must abide by any restrictions or requirements as set out hereunder (including Clause 19 above) or in the Casino Venue Terms and Conditions.

  9. No more than 10% of the overall entry field at any Tournament can wear the branding/logos of any single company with the exception of PokerStars and Full Tilt.


  1. We reserve the right to photograph, televise, webcast and record any part of any Event at any time including your participation in it and to broadcast, distribute and make the same available throughout the world in any and all media without limit in time. You hereby acknowledge and agree our right to use your Contribution (as defined in Clause 33 below) in the unlimited and unrestricted manner set out in Clause 33. Pursuant to this requirement to exhibit any part of the Event, you agree to sit at a poker table which has been created for the purpose of televising or webcasting the Event.

  2. Subject to Clauses 24 and 25 below, no more than 2 (two) players at each TV Table of a Tournament can wear the logo(s) of any single company, with the exception of PokerStars and Full Tilt. If more than 2 players from any single company are at the TV Table then the players themselves must decide which 2 players will continue to wear the branded clothing at the TV Table in question. Otsustamatuse korral kasutatakse valiku langetamiseks „kõrge kaardi“ kaarditõmmet. Kõik meie otsused on lõplikud. Any player starting the TV Table wearing no logos must remain as such throughout their time at the TV Table.

  3. Notwithstanding Clause 23 above, we (including third parties acting on our behalf) will have absolute discretion to approve the clothing and apparel worn by the players at the TV Table during the Event. Lisaks sellele on meil alati õigus eemaldada mängija riietuselt logo(d), kujutis(ed) või sõna(d), mis on meie (või meie nimel tegutseva kolmanda osapoole) hinnangul vastuolus kasutatava ülekandja, rakendatavate seaduste või reguleeriva asutuse käitumiskoodeksi ja reeglitega.

  4. Any permitted logos/branding on shirts and apparel at the TV Table must comply with the restrictions described above and abide by the following additional restrictions:

    (a) one breast pocket logo no larger than 7cm x 4cm;
    (b) one upper shirt sleeve logo no larger than 7cm x 4cm; and
    (c) baseball caps and card protectors with logos will be allowed only if the logos on such apparel and/or items are not visible.

  5. Telelaudades ja muu filmimise ajal ei ole lubatud kanda ettevõtete nimesid ja/või kaubamärkide logosid, mis pole vastavuses käesolevate reeglitega. Reegel kehtib muu hulgas, kuid mitte ainult, ka spordi ja -moebrändidele. Mängija, kes kannab seda reeglit rikkuvaid riideid või aksessuaare (näiteks kaardikaitseid), ei saa telelauas osaleda enne, kui need on asendatud või eemaldatud. Meil on õigus (omal äranägemisel) mängijaid sponsoreerivate ettevõtete logod eemaldada, neid muuta või maskeerida, kui need ei vasta kohalikele eeskirjadele, ülekande standarditele või käesoleva kokkuleppe tingimustele.

  6. You acknowledge and agree that if you are chosen to play at a TV Table during any Tournament, you may be required to surrender any and all electronic devices including but not limited to tablets and headphones (whether they have a messaging or communication capability or not) to an appointed Tournament representative prior to taking your seat before play begins. In the event of such requirement, any player found in violation of this rule may be disqualified from the Tournament and all such player's monies accrued up to the time of disqualification, and such player's buy-in for the Event will be forfeited at our sole discretion or that of any third party acting on our behalf.

  7. Telelauas kehtib kõikidele suitsetamiskeeld. Lubatud pole ka e-sigaretid.

  8. During all broadcasts and live recordings you acknowledge and agree that players at TV Tables are not allowed to communicate with, approach, or in any way make contact with any person outside of the table, including, without limitation, any audience members and appointed TV production and webcast representatives, unless such communication is related to technical issues with the filming or unless you are no longer active in the hand (i.e. where you have folded or are "all in") and subject always to our absolute discretion (or the discretion of a third party acting on our behalf), throughout the duration of the TV Table, and that any player found in violation of this rule will be subject to restrictions and/or penalties as detailed in this Agreement.

  9. During all broadcasts or live recordings of play, you acknowledge and agree that, if so requested by us, all players must remain within pre-designated locations whilst on all breaks in play throughout the duration of the TV Table, and that in such event, the players will not be allowed to leave these locations, at any point, without being accompanied by an appointed Tournament representative. You further acknowledge and agree that players might be required to show their hole cards to the hole card cameras on the TV Table on each hand they are dealt, unless the player has declared that they are playing the hand 'blind'. Meil on õigus mäng mõistlikuks perioodiks peatada, kuni kõik telelauas osalevad mängijad on taskukaarte kaamerale näidanud. Avatud kaartidega live-ülekanne jõuab vaatajateni 30-minutilise hilinemisega.

  10. You acknowledge and agree that we shall have the right (at our absolute discretion) to stop or delay play on the TV Table at any time, and that players are required to grant us the right to add, cancel or amend breaks in play as and when reasonably required. Lisaks sellele oled teadlik ja nõustud, et telelauas ei ole ühelgi Ürituse hetkel lubatud roppused, vägivaldne käitumine või muu väär käitumine, sealhulgas suulised väljendused, žestid või muu antisotsiaalne käitumine, mis võib teisi solvata, naeruvääristada või mustata. Kõiki seda reeglit rikkuvaid mängijaid karistatakse nii käesoleva kokkuleppe kui ka turniirireeglite kohaselt.

  11. Oled teadlik ja nõustud, et kui sind on valitud Telelauda, võib juhtuda, et pead kindlatel kuupäevadel ja kohtades osalema lisafilmimistel ja intervjuudel ning seda nii enne kui ka pärast mängu ja pauside ajal. Nõustud nende palvetega ja käitud vastavalt.


  1. Intellektuaalse omandi õigused hõlmavad kogu intellektuaalset omandit ning sõltumata sellest, kas see on kaitstud, loodud või tekkinud mõnes kohtualluvuses, sealhulgas: (i) kõik patendid ja patenditaotlused, (ii) kõik kaubamärgid, teenindusmärgid, kaubanimed, teenindusnimed, kaubanimed, kaubandusliku välimuse õigused, ettevõtete nimed, kaubanduslikud stiilid, logod, kunstilooming, kostüümid, pakendite märgistus, disain ja muud allikad või ärilised tunnusmärgid sõltumata sellest, kas need on registreeritud või mitte, sealhulgas kõik nende ühised õigused (ülekantavas ulatuses) ja arvestades eelnevate firmaväärtust koos kõigi vastavate taotluste, registreeringute, uuenduste või laiendustega, (iii) kõik domeeninimed (sealhulgas need, mis on viidatud, registreeritud ja/või seotud sotsiaalvõrgustikega), (iv) kõik autoriõigused ja seotud kujutiste seeriad (mask work), andmebaaside ja disainide õigused sõltumata nende registreerimisest või avaldamisest, kõik registreerimised ja protokollimised ja kõik käesolevaga seotud taotlused koos taastuste, pikenduste ja uuendustega, (v) kõik ärisaladused, oskusteave ja sarnane konfidentsiaalne või ettevõttesisene teave, mis on kaitstud rakendatava seadusandluse või tavaõigusega; (vi) kõik reklaamiõigused, avaldamisõigused ja heakskiitmise õigused ja nendega seotud õigused, (vii) kõik eelmainitu rikkumisest, seadusevastasest omastamisest, vähendamisest, vigastamisest või muudest kahjustamistest tulenevad õigused kohtusse pöördumiseks ja seadusekohase õigluse saavutamiseks vajalikud õigused.

  2. Rational Intellectual Holdings Limited ("RIHL") which is an intellectual property rights holding company for the Flutter Group, is the sole holder of all rights in and to the PokerStars Live Assets including copyright, trade secrets, Intellectual Property Rights (defined above) and other rights. The term "PSLive" and "PokerStars Live" and the domain names "" and "" are the trademarks, service marks, signs, trade names and/or domain names of RIHL, and RIHL reserves all rights to the same.

  3. You irrevocably grant us and any and all third parties acting on our behalf, all rights, consents and licenses necessary to enable us make the fullest use (including, without limitation, to reproduce, distribute, amend, edit, translate, alter, publicly display, transmit on TV, via Internet and through any other means of communication and make derivative works thereof) of your photograph, likeness, appearance, image, voice, name, film footage and sound recordings that feature you, as photographed, recorded, or broadcasted by us or on our behalf (the "Contribution") throughout the world in perpetuity and royalty-free by any and all means in any and all media, whether now known or hereinafter developed or devised, in any programme for which your Contribution has been recorded and any other programmes and any other content including, without limitation, in relation to the live or pre-recorded streaming of our coverage of a Tournament on the Internet, the production and distribution of video blogs of a Tournament on the Internet and the production and release of promos of, or other marketing materials related to, a Tournament, or poker tournaments or online poker websites associated with any Flutter Group brands (including but not limited to the "PokerStars Live", "PokerStars", "PokerStars Casino", "Full Tilt" and "PokerStars Sports" brands). Käesolevaga vabastad meid ja meie poolt määratud isikud kõigist nõuetest, kahjudest, vastutustest ja kuludest, mis võivad tekkida sinu mistahes õigusest privaatsusele, avalikkusele või isikule või mistahes autoriõiguse või muu varaõiguse rikkumisele, mida omad või valdad ja mille kasutamiseks oled andnud meile Osalusega seoses vastavad litsentsid ja õigused. Eelmainitud vabastused on siduvad sulle, sinu pärijatele, määratud isikutele ja õiguslikele esindajatele.

  4. Oled teadlik ja nõustud, et kõik Osalusega seotud õigused, omandiõigused ja huvid, sealhulgas piiranguteta intellektuaalse omandi ja derivatiivsete tööde õigused kuuluvad ainuisikuliselt meile. Kui Osalus ei anna kõiki õiguseid, omandiõiguseid ja huvisid meile (või meie poolt määratud kolmandale osapoolele) automaatselt, nõustud mistahes õiguste meile üle andmiseks vajalike põhjendatud dokumentide täitmisega.

  5. Kinnitad ja garanteerid, et (a) sul on täielikud õigused kõigi õiguste ja litsentside meile ja meie partneritele üle andmiseks ja (b) ükski Osaluse osa ei riku mistahes viisil ühegi teise isiku autoriõigust, lepingut või konfidentsiaalsuse nõuet ega kohtuotsust, ei ole laimav ega too meile, ühelegi ülekande teostajale ja/või meie kaubamärgile kaalutletult halba kuulsust.

  6. All consents under the Isle of Man Copyright Act 1991 ("CA 1991"), or under similar legislation in other countries of the world in connection with your performance in any Event, and the exploitation of your performance at any Event by any means and in all media are hereby granted and assigned by you to us. Lisaks sellele loobud käesolevaga kõigist mittevaralistest õigustest oma Osalusele, mis sul võivad vastavalt CA 1991 osale IV (või teiste riikide sarnastele seadustele) olla hetkel või tekkida tulevikus ning nõustud, et ei algata, toeta, kinnita ega luba ühtegi hagi ega nõuet, mis väidab, et Osaluse käsitlemine või kasutamine rikub sinu mittevaralisi õiguseid.


  1. You acknowledge that by registering we will process your personal data to the extent necessary to organize the Event and your participation. This processing is necessary for the performance of a contract with you.

  2. To the extent that any images are captured of you, such personal data in these images will be processed in accordance with our legitimate interests to promote our Events. If we wish to use you specifically then any such personal data will only be processed where we have obtained your consent.

Further information about our processing of your personal data and your rights under data protection can be accessed via the PokerStars Live Privacy Policy found here.


  1. No Warranty/Right to Assign: Käesolevaga nõustud, et sa ei ole tuginenud teistele suulistele ega kirjalikele andmetele ega kinnitustele, mida käesolevas Lepingus kirjas ei ole. You acknowledge that we have the right to freely assign our rights, licenses and/or obligations, in whole or in part, under this Agreement to any member of the Flutter Group or to any other third party without notice to you.

  2. Enforcement: Lisaks sellele oled sa teadlik ja nõustud, et meil (või meie nimel tegutseval kolmandal osapoolel) on igal ajal õigus omal äranägemisel teha kõik vajalik, mida peame vajalikuks selle Lepingu reeglite ja tingimuste jõustamiseks.
  3. Kahjuhüvitis: nõustud, et hüvitad meile ja meie poolt määratud isikutele kõik kulud, nõuded ja kohustused (sealhulgas piiranguteta kulutused õigusabile ja kaitsjatele tasutud summad), mis on tekkinud käesolevas kokkuleppes toodud väidete, garantiide ja/või siduvate kohustuste sinu või sinu volitusel tegutseva isiku poolse rikkumise tulemusel.

  4. Kaasa-aitamine: kui soovime, et osaled kampaaniaturunduses või annad välispressile või kolmandatele osapooltele intervjuusid, küsime sinult selleks varem antud kirjalikku luba.

  5. Turniirireeglite parandused: Meil on õigus Turniiri või Ürituse reegleid omal äranägemisel lisada või muuta. Nendest muudatustest teavitatakse sind meie saidil. Kui jätkad pärast muudatusi ja nendest teavitamist Üritusel osalemist, tähendab see, et oled nendega nõustunud.

  6. Kokkulepped: oled teadlik ja nõustud, et turniiri finaallauas on mängijatel lubatud kokkuleppeid või auhinnafondi jaotamist arutada üksnes lauas istudes, turniiri määratud esindaja peab sellel ajal alati kohal olema ning kõik auhinnafondi jaotamist puudutavad otsused on avalikud.

  7. Mõnel Üritusel võivad kehtida sisseostudele ja väljamaksetele piirangud. Kui soovid täpsemat teavet, võta ühendust PokerStars Live’ga.

  8. Tühistamise õigus: meil on koos üritust võõrustava kasiinoga õigus üritus või turniir omal äranägemisel tühistada või seda muuta.

  9. Reeglite järgimine: You agree to abide by the Casino Venue Terms and Conditions, the Tournament Poker Rules and cash game poker rules. Teatud olukordades alluvad need reeglid maja reeglitetele või kohalikele hasartmänge puudutavatele seadustele. Reeglite muutused pannakse üles ürituse veebisaidile ja mängijaid teavitatakse ürituse käigus.

  10. Osalemise keelamine: meil on õigus omal äranägemisel ja ükskõik millisel põhjusel keelata mistahes isikutel turniiridel või üritustel osalemine. Ühelgi turniiril ega ürituse alal ei tohi viibida turniiri sponsori, partneri või toimumiskoha poolt kehtestatud mängukeeluga isikud.

  11. Mänguõigus: Employees of any companies within the Flutter Group or any person or entity (including the corporate affiliates of such entity) which provide services in respect of the Event and Immediate Family (as defined below) members of such employees are not eligible to play in any Events, unless approved in advance by us. "Immediate Family" is defined as: spouse, children and any relative of an employee or other person residing in the employee's place of residence.

  12. Edasiandmise keeld: auhindu ja registreerimisi ei saa edasi anda. Võitjad vastutavad kõigi turniiri auhindadega seotud maksude, litsentside, registreerumiste ja muude tasude maksmise eest. Pangaülekandega välja makstavate auhindade väljastamiseks tuleb mängijatel rahvusvahelistele rahapesu vastastele nõuetele vastamiseks esitada isikut tõendav dokument.

  13. Diskvalifitseerimine: We, together with the organising casino in which the Event will be held, reserve the right to disqualify any person from all Tournaments and/or to request the removal of such persons from the Event area(s) for reasons including but not limited to the Player breaking any Tournament or Event rules, being overly intoxicated, being abusive towards any person attending the Event, or any similar behaviour which in our reasonable discretion is unsuitable or inappropriate during the Event. Diskvalifitseerimise korral loobud tasutud sisseostust ning kõikidest turniiri auhinnarahadest või teistest auhindadest, millele kvalifitseerusid enne diskvalifitseerimist.

  14. Vaidluste keeld: No Player participating in any event shall be permitted to show, display or communicate in any way, any message or content which, in our sole discretion is, or could be construed to be political in nature (or supportive of any political cause or action), racist, obscene, derogatory, threatening in nature, a form of harassment, libellous, fraudulent, invasive of another person's privacy, offensive, defamatory of another person, or otherwise promote, advertise or condone anything illegal or unlawful, victimises, degrades, harasses or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of any classification, including, without limitation, religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, creed, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, age, marital status, military status or disability, constitutes, or would otherwise encourage, criminal conduct or give rise to civil liability, or which is intended for commercial purposes, including without limitation, submitting any material to solicit funds or to promote, advertise or solicit the sale of any goods or services. In relation to any dispute about this paragraph, our decision shall be final and binding.

  15. Vääramatu jõud: We shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performing our obligations to you under this Agreement, including (but not limited to) any obligation to offer a guaranteed prize pool, due to reasons outside our reasonable control including (but not limited to) the following: (a) fire, storm, flood, earthquake, adverse weather conditions or other Acts of God or natural disasters; (b) disease, epidemic or pandemic (such as in particular COVID-19), contamination or public health issues; (c) accidental damage, war or the threat of or preparation of war, acts of terrorism, explosions, riot or other manifestation of civil disorder, civil commotion or civil war; (d) strike, lockout or other forms of labour difficulties; (e) voluntary or mandatory compliance with any law, act, order, rule or regulation of any Court, government agency, competent authority or public authority (including a failure to grant any licence or consent needed or any change in the law or interpretation of the law); (f) an absence of power or other essential services, failure of the internet, failure of technical facilities or failure or delay of transportation; (g) non-performance by suppliers and/or sub-contractors arising through no fault of our own; and/or (h) any other cause or event beyond our reasonable control. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing you acknowledge and agree that we may take such measures as we consider appropriate in relation to any Event in response to the COVID-19 virus, including without limitation running live, land-based Tournaments online, excluding infected persons or altering, modifying or cancelling Tournaments or entire Events in response to the need to protect the health of individuals, control the spread of the virus or comply with local regulations.

  16. Parandused: meil on õigus käesolevat kokkulepet igal hetkel muuta, seetõttu pead enne igal turniiril osalemist tutvuma kõige uuema versiooniga.

  17. Vastutuse piirangud: nõustud, et me ei vastuta mistahes kahjude, kaotuste, nõuete või muude käesoleva kokkuleppe alusel tekkinud kulude eest, välja arvatud kui seda nõuab seadus.

  18. Maksud: nõustud, et mistahes tulu või sarnaste maksude tasumine on neid kehtestavates kohtualluvustes sinu ainuvastutus ning vabastad meid täielikult ja tõhusalt kogu vastutusest ja kõigist kuludest, mis nimetatud maksude või muude maksetega seoses tekivad, välja arvatud kui seda ei luba seadus.

  19. Nõustud, et vastutad ainuisikuliselt kõikide sinu poolt saadud maksetega (auhinnad ja tasud) seotud deklaratsioonide täpse ja õigeaegse esitamise eest.

  20. Valitsev seadus: käesoleva lepingu punkte tõlgendatakse ja kohaldatakse Mani saare seaduste alusel. Nõustud, et kõik käesolevat kokkulepet puudutavad vaidlused lahendatakse Mani saare kohtutes. Mitte miski käesolevas sättes ei piira PokerStars Live'i õigust alustada sinu vastu menetlust mõnes teises pädevas kohtus, samuti ei välista menetluse alustamine ühes või teises pädevas kohtus menetluse alustamist mõnes teises pädevas kohtus, hoolimata sellest, kas need menetlused toimuvad üheaegselt või mitte, kui vastavas kohtualluvuses kehtiv seadus seda lubab.

  21. Official Language: SG Interactive US-i New Jersey’s toimuvate ürituste kõikides laudades tohib vestelda vaid inglise keeles. Mängijaid, kes seda reeglit rikuvad, ootab karistus, milleks võib muu hulgas olla diskvalifitseerimine.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on November 10, 2021. Versioon: 20211110.