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EPT Sochi

Festival dates: Cancelled


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More Information

Read on for more details before you join us:

The license holder and operator of this event is Casino Sochi.

Casino Sochi address: 51 Estonskaya street, Estosadok Village, Sochi, Krasnodar region, Russian Federation
Dress code: Casual, but no sportswear.
Minimum age: 18 years+
NB: Must bring a valid government issued passport, external or internal.

PokerStars are working with both the Marriott Hotel and Casino Sochi to ensure that we fulfil our duty of care – to both our players and our staff to help them feel comfortable when they attend and as safe an environment as possible is provided.

Below are a number of measures we are working on with the hotel and casino to have put in place, but it is important to note that these are not intended to replace any state, local, territorial and safety laws, rules and regulations with which large gatherings must fully comply with:

  • Personal Protection Equipment PPE’s (masks, gloves, hand sanitisers) will be made available throughout the gaming floors, at tables, and ingress and egress points for guests and staff to use at any time.
  • All staff working at the event are required to sanitize their hands before their shift and throughout the day.
  • All tables, table equipment, poker equipment will be sanitized regularly.
  • All furniture and temporary structures will be cleaned on a scheduled basis.
  • Temperature checks for all players and staff on a daily basis and where a concern is raised.
  • Physical distancing in the premises: we will increase the number of staff working queue management. Signage will also be placed throughout the gaming areas to offer guidance and instructions in a clear, concise manner. Printed signs and digital screens will be used for this purpose.

If you have any questions, please contact our team at

Please Note: To enter the Russian Federation you will need a visa if there is no international treaty between the Russian Federation and your country establishing a visa-free regime.


View the list of countries where a visa for Russia is not required here.

Need a visa for Russia? Click here for a dedicated visa service for Russia – it’s quick and easy to apply.

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions please contact visa service directly via email or phone before you start the application process.

Feel free to email us should you require any help to obtain your visa -

PokerStars Travel offers a wide range of accommodation options, including discounted rates specifically for PokerStars players.

For accommodation information please visit PokerStars Travel. If you have any questions about accommodation, contact PokerStars Travel or call +34 93 325 6777.


Sochi International Airport is among the ten largest airports in Russia. Regular flights from Moscow arrive in daily with a flight time of approximately two hours. Most major cities in Russia also serve Sochi.

International flights to Russia including Moscow are available from almost all major international airports.

Transfers from the Airport to Casino will take about 45 minutes.

To book your transfer visit PokerStars Travel or call +34 93 325 6777.

Cash Games

Cash Game sign-up desk is in the Cash Game area.

Please Note: All Cash Games will be played in Casino Units (CU).

Cash Game opening hours: 24/7

All cash games at EPT Sochi are organized, run and staffed by Casino Sochi. Please speak with Casino Sochi staff for cash game rules.